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Little Gypsy Farms 🧿

Heirloom Private Estate Olive Oil (2 Pack)

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Bringing you a trusted bottle of our family owned and estate grown EVOO in a process typically seen only from wineries, we control the growing, harvest, cold pressing and bottling – achieving a craft quality you can taste.
Use & Flavor Profile

Best For Raw Finishing & Dipping - Delicate Ripe Flavor, Highest Grade EVOO + Superior Polyphenol Content (Our Original EVOO - New Packaging!)

Delicate Flavor With A Full Nutty Artichoke Finish – Fresh Earthy Aroma & Intense Green Color

Gold Medal Winner NYIOOC – Largest & Most Prestigious International Olive Oil Quality Competition Winner

New Decorated Glass Vessel - Custom 100% UV & Polyphenol Protection To Prevent Quality Degradation With A Patented Italian No-Drip Pour Spout

Polyphenols & Health Benefits

5x More Polyphenol Antioxidant Levels vs EVOO Brands Available In The US Market (independent lab tests show an abundant 362+ mg/kg vs 55-90mg/kg for grocery store brands)

Mediterranean Diet - To Truly Benefit, It Is Important To Choose An Olive Oil Which Contains High Levels Of Health Producing High-Phenolic Compounds. Two Of The Most Effective Are Oleocanthal, A Natural Anti-Inflammatory Agent & Oleacein, A Potent Antioxidant.


Exceptional Nutrition: High Amino Acid, Hydroxtyrosol & Polyphenol Content (Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids combined with Oleic acids make up 73% of the total oil)

100% Extra Virgin Guarantee – Hand Picked From Tree Branch To Pressing At The Local Mill Within Twelve Hours

Clean Food – No Preservatives, No Pesticides, No Insecticides, No Herbicides, No Additives, No Fertilizers, No Hidden Ingredients

Small-Batch Premium Quality EVOO – Very Low Acidity FFA<.2

Preservative-Free & Unfiltered First Cold Pressed (Raw / Vegan Certified & Keto / Mediterranean Diet)

Farm Information

Small Farm Private Estate - Grown In Our Groves Located Alongside The Mediterranean Sea Providing An Advantageous Growing Microclimate Between The Mountains & Sea

Healthiest Koroneiki Olive Variety – Up To 12lbs Of Olives Are Cold-Pressed To Create Just One Bottle Of Our Heirloom EVOO (highest quality / lowest yielding)

Harvest Date – Harvest Date Transparency (printed on every bottle) - Slightly Premature Olives 'Early Harvested' To Capture Peak Health Properties (harvest date - not best by date is the key indicator of transparency and quality, best by 7.24)

Heirloom Olive Grove With Trees Aged 100+ Years (Non-GMO)

Monovarietal / Non-GMO (one type of olive used - never blended)

Single Traceable Origin – Southern Peloponnese Region (Product of Greece)

Small Farm & Locally Supportive – Private Family Owned & Operated Estate for Generations

    Heirloom Private Estate Olive Oil (2 Pack)
    Heirloom Private Estate Olive Oil (2 Pack)
    Heirloom Private Estate Olive Oil (2 Pack)
    Heirloom Private Estate Olive Oil (2 Pack)
    Heirloom Private Estate Olive Oil (2 Pack)
    Heirloom Private Estate Olive Oil (2 Pack)
    Heirloom Private Estate Olive Oil (2 Pack)

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