When you order direct from our site, we're giving you the freshest harvest & 5x more nutritionally dense extra virgin olive oil from our heirloom groves located alongside the Mediterranean Sea.

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How Do I Change An Olive Oil Subscription?

To modify, change a delivery date, cancel or skip a subscription at any time, please visit: Subscription Login or simply click the 'manage my account' link at the bottom of all subscription emails. If you have forgotten your password, please choose the 'forgot password' link under the login button to reset. 

​When Will My Shipment Arrive?

All shipments are mailed via ground shipment from the New York area to the continental US. Typical shipments arrive 2-7 days after placing an order.

What Is The Harvest Date?

Real and authentic extra virgin olive oil should always have a harvest date listed. Little Gypsy Farms annual 'early harvest' occurs at the end of November each year - strategically harvested just prior to peak ripeness to capture the maximum amount of polyphenols and health properties.  We harvest early because as the olive fruit fully ripens - the polyphenol and Oleic acid content begins to degrade so we cold-press at the moment of peak health properties.  A high quality EVOO can be consumed up to two years from the harvest date.

Transparent producers using single source unblended olive sources will always have the harvest date available to consumers - it is harvest date, not best-by date that is the key indicator of transparency and quality.  Brands that will not provide this information are likely mixing rancid oils from prior years harvest or oils from multiple sources - both of which are common practice from all large producers.

When Does The New Harvest Become Available?

While the annual harvest occurs at the end of November each year - the EVOO will need to 'settle' (similar to wine aging) for 2 months before being ready for overseas shipment.  We let nature take its course and, unlike most producers, we do not mechanically over-filter (which reduces nutrient density, flavor complexity and health properties).

We are typically in-stock for the new harvest year sometime in late February - March time-frame.  We prioritize oursubscription customersfor the first shipments when it lands stateside and you will see the new harvest year on the bottle label and our website when available.

It is our opinion that the sweet spot for EVOO flavor maturity to be in the 8 - 14 month (from harvest date) range as the oil settles and becomes a bit smoother. EVOO older than 2 years will begin to degrade in flavor quality and nutritional content. When EVOO is stored properly - underground in wine-cellar like conditions, it preserves the oil with minimal nutritional degradation and optimal flavor.  Large scale producers pay no attention to the settling and storage protocols which is another differentiating factor for producing small batch, craft olive oil. 

Is Sediment On The Bottom Normal?

Yes, sediment settling on the bottom is normal and will not affect flavor or quality. The sediment is caused by fine pulp from the olives settling over time. The green hue is indicative of the high polyphenol content giving it the ‘Green Gold’ nickname common in Greece for quality EVOO. Olive Oil should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain maximum nutritional integrity.

​Is Cloudy Olive Oil Normal?

Yes, cloudy olive oil is normal - in fact perfectly clear oil is likely 'refined' and not raw which diminishes flavor, aroma and nutritional quality.  Cloudiness will not affect flavor or quality - in fact it enhances the flavor because these fine particles are the pulp from the olive fruit that remain after physical filtering. Little Gypsy Farms do not chemically refine our oil - it is fresh pressed and raw - similar to raw honey that does not present perfect clarity but contains vastly superior health properties.  Cloudiness can also mean the olive oil is coagulating in low temperature during shipping or storage. Simply restore the oil to room temperature and the cloudiness will dissipate over time.

How Does Estate Grown EVOO Differ?

The Gypsy Farms Estate grows only a single source crop, purely of the Koroneiki Olive variety from our own heirloom olive grove. While the yield is low, the quality is remarkable with the highest nutritional content, flavor complexity and absolute purity. The difference is apparent with the green olive hue of our EVOO compared to the yellow tinge of mainstream blended olive oils.

Most EVOO's currently available on grocery shelves are actually 'blended' oils. Grocery store olive oils are diluted with oils from different geographic regions as well as different olive varietals (even illicitly spiked with oil from hazelnuts and sunflower as fraud in olive oil has become rampant) to boost yields with inferior olive types - vastly reducing purity and quality. Creating true EVOO is an expensive and time consuming endeavor. The harvest is only once yearly and the demand has increased exponentially as consumers have become educated in the benefits of cooking with EVOO.

How Is Gypsy Farms Olive Oil Different From Store Brands?

You are supporting a family-owned farm and local economy by shopping small and buying direct from an independent farm. You'll be rewarded by receiving a nutritionally superior olive oil produced slowly with wholesome purity in old-world Greek tradition. Our heirloom olive grove, passed down from generation to generation, produces only 100% guaranteed EVOO from these old-growth trees. Thank you for allowing us to share our family story and our 'Green Gold' with you.

​How Can Producers Fake EVOO When There Are Chemical Tests?

Savvyfraudstershave been producing 'olive oil' in high-tech refineries where extra virgin oil is diluted with oils from different olive varieties, and from cheaper oils such as hazelnut and sunflower seed. These oil mixtures can be refined and perfected to passchemical content testing. Similar to honey, manydeceitful producersblend natural products to increase the yield (read profits) at the expense of purity and nutrition. There is so muchfraudin the olive oil trade simply because true extra virgin olive oil is one of the most expensive natural products to grow and produce.

What Exactly Are The Health Benefits of Real EVOO?

Experts agree that true extra virgin olive oil is considerably healthier than all other oils. The two most proven effects of EVOO involve the plentiful naturally occurring antioxidants and monounsaturated fats. These Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids combined with oleic acids (which make up 73% of the total oil content) reduce inflammation and studies have shown may even have positive effects on genes linked to cancer. They also work to protect blood cholesterol from oxidation reducing your risk of heart disease. The powerful anti-inflammatory effects of of EVOO work to combat chronic inflammation- which isthought to be a leading driver of cancers, Alzheimer's disease, arthritis and obesity.

What Is The Shelf Life Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

We recommend consuming within 6 months of opening for maximum freshness and to avoid oxidation. Bottled Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a typical shelf life of 24 months and can be consumed 2-3 years after harvesting. Over time polyphenol content with dissipate and the robust flavor from the initial harvest will become more mild over time as the EVOO becomes more mature. 

What Are The Guarantees & Refund Policy?

We have a 100% Health & Happiness Guarantee on all our products. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we can arrange a no-hassle refund or return. Unlike large production brands, we control all aspects of our olive oil and have a 100% Authentic Extra Virgin Guarantee that our oil has made it from olive branch to cold-pressing within 24 hrs. Furthermore, we guarantee our EVOO with a 100% Trusted Source Guarantee (traceable single origin) that is completely unadulterated, unblended and preservative-free. Small farms depend on reputation and nutritionally conscious consumers like you to be able to compete with mass market brands by offering a transparent single-ingredient product. We thank you for inviting us onto your dinner table.

Where is the Little Gypsy Farms?

Gypsy Farms is located on the southern Peloponnese of Greece alongside the Mediterranean. It is provided an advantageous growing microclimate, always a few degrees warmer in the winter with more rainfall courtesy of the nearby peaks.

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