Antioxidants + High Phenolic Compounds 

Mediterranean Diet

For decades we’ve known about the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet - inspired by the eating habits of Greece and Italy (fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish, red wine, and olive oil). Of these foods, olive oil appears to have the largest impact on our health – but not just any olive oil.  To truly benefit from this diet, it is important to choose an olive oil which contains high levels of health producing high-phenolic compounds.  Two of the most effective are oleocanthal, a natural anti-inflammatory agent and oleacein, a potent antioxidant.

Improved Immunity + Reduced Inflammation

Food As Medicine: Hydroxytyrosol

High polyphenol olive oils are not only food, but also medicine. Emerging research indicates that there is indeed another bioactive compound in olive oil far more powerful than oleic acids; this compound is a small but mighty polyphenol called hydroxtyrosol².  The bioactive hydroxytyroso l present in high-quality EVOO has numerous beneficial health effects:
Improved Immune SystemReduction Of' Bad' CholesterolReduction Of InflammationLowered Blood PressureCancer Protection

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Transparency + Trusted Source

Harvest Date Transparency

The harvest date, not best-by date, is the key indicator of transparency and quality.  To capture the highest potency, we choose to harvest just before peak ripeness.  This slightly premature olive has over 362+ mg/kg the highest parts per million (ppm) of phenols - the higher the PPM of polyphenols is at bottling, the more will remain in the bottle over time.  Buying 'supermarket' brands from high volume producers who adulterate, mix and do not disclose the sources/age of their oil - make it impossible to tell from batch to batch the nutritional value in any one bottle.  To receive these health benefits from authentic EVOO, it must be fresh from a trusted source.

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